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We've got the best trailer for all of your portable toilet transportation needs! 

Our Johnny - Mover is fast and easy to use while loading and unloading the portable toilets.It is equipped with a reliable system for locking down each unit. 

How will you save time with our Johnny - Mover?

It is special designed with a skid locking system. You simply slide each unit from the side, then one side of the skid locks under the permanent iron locking bar. After all of the units are loaded, you lift the outside hinged locking bar into place over the other set of skids. This bar is locked into place using a chain system! 

• Front deflectors - All portable toilet trailers come with a front fold-down wind deflector.


Brakes - All trailers are designed to meet Wisconsin DOT specifications with brakes on every axle.


Paint - Trailers are finished with acid-etched primer and automotive type paint


Lights - All portable toilet trailers are complete with side reflective tape and marker lights with rear brake lights.


Suspension  - All trailers come with leaf spring suspension

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