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Frequently Asked Questions

Cesspool Cleaner Company & Portable Toilet Rentals LLC is here to provide you top notch service, if you can not find your question please call us and we will answer it as best we can.

  • What are the ADA requirements for Portable Toilet Sanitation?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.The ADA has three sections or “titles,” and each lists the persons or entities covered under that section. Broadly, the following groups are subject to the ADA: Employers with 15 or more employees State and local governments, both in their roles as employers and as providers of public programs and services Employment agenciesLabor unions Private entities that are considered places of public accommodation What this means for portable sanitation is this: If your team has 15 people or more, every aspect of your operation must comply with the ADA rules for employers, and Any business you do with the customer types listed here must also comply with the requirements of the ADA. Persons with disabilities must be accommodated in all aspects of public life exept when doing so would impose as "undue hardship" on the covered entity or present a hazard to others. For more information on ADA requirements, please visit The Portable Sanitaion Association International or call 1-800-822-3020 for more information.
  • How do you minimize the odor in the portable toilet restroom units?
    Cesspool pumps not only pumps out the holding take and cleans the inner bowl, but we also provide detailed sanitaiton service inside and out of the unit. Our employes sanatize and pressure wash each portable restroom unit at each service. Lastly we add "blue" to the tank, which prevents the unit from smelling. The blue as well breaks down the waste.
  • Does a portable toilet on my construction site actually save me time and money?
    Yes, when you provide a portable restroom on your job site you reduce the distance employees would have to travel in order to relieve themselves. The following chart was developed in a study that was conducted by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI). The annual cost of 10 minutes of wasted toilet time per employee, per day: Hourly Rate -------- 5 Employees $8.00 --------------- $1,670.00 $10.00 -------------- $2,125.00 $13.00 -------------- $2,762.50 $15.00 -------------- $3,187.50 Formula: Hourly rate divided by 60 minutes per hour x 1o minutes x number of employees x 255 days per year. For more information reguarding this study, please contact The Portable Sanitaion Association International at 1-800-822-3020
  • Why should I have portablet toilet rentals on my construction job sites?
    By providing your crew with a close, reliable place to relieve themselves.It will minimize the time they spend away from the job site. Cesspool also ensures your job site will be OSHA compliant in regards to sanitation.
  • How do you maintain the portable restroom rentals?
    At Cesspool before we deliver we have a process of cleaning. We as well repeat this process every single time we service. 1) Pump the waste out of the toilet, and fill tank with blue chemical. The blue chemical breaks down the waste and minimized the odor. 2) Spray sanitizer on the inside of the rental 3) Pressure wash inside and outside of the rental 4) Squeegie the inside of the rental, for minimal dampness 5) Stock the rental with 4 fresh toilet paper rolls 6) Replace the sanitizer in the rental 7) Stock paper towel if applicable 8) Spray the inside with spray that minimizes odor for up to 7 days
  • Where can I place my portable toilet?
    Cesspool will place your portable toilet ar your event or jobsite per your instrucitons. We will accomidate you as best we can and meet your wishes for the placement of the unit. However, if the unit becomes unaccessable for servicing we will notify you and potentially relocate the unit.
  • How far in advance should I rent my portable restrooms?
    Cesspool prefers to have at least a 4 day period before you need the renal, but we are willing to accomadate you as best we can.
  • What comes with my restroom rental when it is delievered?
    When your portable toilet is delivered it will be a freshly cleaned unit that is stocked with sanitizer and four rolls of toilet paper. If you are renting an Executive Luxury Restroom it will as well come fully stocked, and with a personal attendant to ensure you have everything you need during the duration of your rental.
  • What if my portable toilet gets tipped over?
    If your portable toilet rental happens to get tipped over, do not worry. Give us a call and we will work in a timely manner to fix it.
  • Can I rent a portable toilet for just one day?
    Yes, Cesspool offeres portable restroom rentals daily, weekley, and monthly.
  • What are my portable toilet renal options?
    Cesspool offers a wide variety of portable toilet rentals of which include: Standard Unit: 80 gallon unit with 4 fresh rolls of toilet paper White Ambassador:80 gallon unit with a personal handwash sink and self flush Boudoit Elite:Comes with a sink, coat hook, full wall mirror, paper towel dispenser, and plenty of room to manuver. Elite ADA Compliant Handicapped Mobile Pad
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