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Learn About Cesspool Cleaner Company & Portable Toilet Rentals

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Portable Toilet Rentals Luxury Restroom Rentals Weddings Graduations Festivals
Portable Toilet Rentals Luxury Restroom Rentals Weddings Graduations Festivals

Dresel Is The Name Pumping Is The Game

Our family has been in the Portable Toilet Rental business since 1955. It all started when Kenny Dresel began to build custom wooden portable toilets. Cesspool now currently has a fleet of over 1,500 Portable Toilets, 6 Executive Luxury Restrooms, and multiple hand washes and hand sanitizer stations.


Our goal at Cesspool is to make every customer's experience of renting a portable restroom as pleasant as possible at an affordable price. We have had the pleasure of providing quality sanitation to the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas for over 65 years. 

No matter where you are, everyone needs a place to go. We are number 1 in the number 2 business. Let us take care of the dirty work!

-Troy Dresel


Shop Dog walter Joe.jpg

Meet Our Shop Dog

Many of you know Cesspool's beloved shop dog, Walter who is otherwise known as squirt by a select few. He has been with us for 12+ years. 

Walter enjoys exploring the shop and wandering aimlessly. He has been to many events with the crew to show his support. Although he is not a fan of loud music, big crowds, or too many people in general he always finds a way to brighten our day. 

We call him the old man of the shop! He is currently limited to the number of hours he can spend in the shop as he has developed selective hearing while he wonders. 

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Portable Toilet Rentals Luxury Restroom Rentals Weddings Graduations Festivals
Portable Toilets Summer Festivals.jpg

Meet Our Crew

We are very lucky to have the crew that we do. A crew of individuals who you know is going to show up day in and day out, and work their hardest is one that makes my job easier. 

We will have times when our guys are putting in a lot of overtime hours, but they still show up and get the job done! 

Cesspool has a lot of fun at the festivals we service. Often times our festival crew consists of family, friends, and friends of friends. If you come as a stranger you will leave as a friend.

Regardless if you were a seasonal employee, festival employee, or full-time employee we appreciate your hard work and dedication. 

Thank you all,

- Troy & Tricia Dresel

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